Only after WUSTL invites you can you arrange an online interview. You can choose between Skype, Google Hangouts, or in person. They prefer Skype to Google Hangouts. Northwestern offers you three options: an on-campus in-person interview, an in-person alumni interview, or an automated online interview through a video client called Kira. You will be asked to answer six different questions orally. For each question, you have thirty seconds of preparation time, followed by sixty seconds of speaking time. Four of the questions are randomly selected by a major bank; You often focus on your experience of (1) working in a team, (2) talking to people who disagree with you, or (3) failing. Two of the questions are always the same: „Why Northwestern?“ and „Is there anything else you would like to tell the admissions committee about yourself?“ (or something very similar). For questions asked by the University of Washington that were not resume specific during my interview: „Hi [FIRST NAME], just a quick note to thank you for being part of our group interview. I love these group interviews because they allow me to get to know the candidates better and make them more than just a file.

And in this Covid world, I`m especially excited to have the chance to connect with so many of you around the world. His group was exceptional. I hope you had fun. Thank you for coming, and I look forward to reading your application even more now that I`ve met you. Regards, Andy“ The interviewer was super friendly. Here are the questions she asked me: In this episode, we continue our series of interviews with „Barb,“ a current candidate. Duke uses a service called InitialView to interview prospective international students. We write about InitialView interviews here. The following are reports of Duke`s discussions on grants available to applicants that have already been accepted. In this podcast, Mike discusses the factors to consider when you receive an interview invitation for a law school you`ve applied to. Absolute! Even if you have completed an online video interview for your application, we recommend that you also complete our three waitlist video interview questions as well as our two written questions. General Reflections: The Dean appreciated the determination; He didn`t like it when respondents were between „Low Impact“ and „High Impact.“ He cares a lot about integrity, so I would like to emphasize that in your answers.

He also took care of order and structure – he noticed people who didn`t follow his instructions to the letter or spoke offline. He appreciates cooperation, so talk about the conclusions your group has reached, not necessarily the ones you have arrived at individually. Video questions will be pretty standard – what was your favorite course? What would you bring to Cornell? Why law? – but written questions can be hypothetical questions about current events. Some examples from the past: – He had already given a first reading to our applications (and he mentioned that he would not have invited us if our personal statements had resembled those of case #3 above). He explained that his process is to read the apps once (I guess the committee distills some of the worst, but he didn`t say anything about it), interview the ones he is interested in, and then re-read the apps before making a final decision. He said he would probably have an answer for us in November, but most likely by December 10th at the latest (soon!!). After the discussion, he makes closing remarks and explains why he`s doing these interviews, which I think could be useful information as I was certainly curious about it – after all, he`s not really looking for a right/wrong answer, and this interview doesn`t ask traditional questions. He said it was about getting to know us a little better than he did an hour ago, and he was managing to achieve that goal, and with so many candidates, it`s really the best thing he can do. If we are able to make an offer of admission to a candidate on the waiting list, an admissions officer will contact the student directly (by phone or email). Those admitted from the waiting list have a limited window of time to respond to an offer of admission. (The interview lasted a total of 16 minutes and had time to ask 2 questions. It wasn`t a conversation until the end because time was so limited, but the interviewer was very nice, honest and funny!) Most law schools don`t even think about the people on their waiting list until they have the first filings from those who approved them.

It`s pretty much a second intake cycle, so any hopes you had of solidifying your decision by April 1 should be dashed away. You see, it`s only after schools see these numbers come back that they start evaluating candidates on the waiting list. I`ve already done an interview. How does the waitlist video interview differ? First scenario: a student was suspended for one year for plagiarism. She said she had made a careless mistake by misquoting a newspaper in French and that she was ill at the time. She said she took a gap year to reflect and teach the children. (The Dean asked students questions such as: Can you summarize what your group thought? What do you think of his free time? What do you think of how it shaped history? The dean eventually said it had a „great effect“ because he didn`t like the student not acknowledging the gravity of the situation — she was suspended for a year.