Another popular topic for senior pranks was vehicles. They drive, park and . To weld them? The final year class, which makes a memorable prank, is an annual tradition in hundreds of schools. Some students follow the classic route and use toilet paper. Other students create elaborate pranks that require weeks of planning. This is the biggest test in the lives of these students. They have to use everything they learned in school for the prank. Of course, some students go too far and border on vandalism. An excellent senior prank is creative, innovative, funny, harmless and avoids criminal misdeeds. „The move of the director`s office – including literally everything that wasn`t nailed – to the field. Everything was in the same position as in his current office, and they were working, I don`t know how many feet of electrical cable, so he could work outside all day. Sarah J.

Let`s face it, the last year of high school is anything but obvious. There`s so much to highlight when it comes to doing homework, applying for university admission and, of course, prom! But on the other hand, being an older high school student certainly has its perks, including senior prank day. It`s that day of year when seniors take risks and play fun pranks with teachers and other students. Just scroll through some of Reddit`s most epic pranks for seniors and you`ll find that seniors are always finding new and creative ways to create problems. But be careful, if you decide to try one in your own school, there will be consequences! 16. Let high school bring its pets to school! 2. „About 30 years ago, the high school would buy 10,000 business cards that simply read „Class of 1985″ and hide them everywhere. Under the sofas, behind the paintings, in the books in the library, in the ceiling tiles. Needless to say, maps are still sometimes found today. “ – [deleted] Some pranks are so creative that students should graduate early. For example, Cumberland High School played one of the funniest and most creative pranks of all time. They made it look like a car had crashed into the side of the school.

They put a rear tarp on the wall and half a vehicle in front. They also chose the best location, right next to the principal`s office. Even the police were impressed. „Our elders with toy cars drove them down the hallways. It made the news! Very cool, just a little pity. – Michelle P.F. „The elders released live chickens into the cafeteria and managed to get into the kitchen. I had to close the cafeteria and kitchen, clean and inspect professionally before reopening. It was a nightmare! – Jamie W. 13. „We combined our senior prank with our senior gift for our band director.

We took his old office chair, took him to the top of the 2-story watchtower he stands on to watch us during walking rehearsals, and threw him away (to film his reaction, of course). Then, when he brought us in to yell at us, boom, there was a new chair at his desk. – anjn79 „Elders in the welding program welded a VW arc around the flagpole on the eve of graduation. The school couldn`t get rid of it in time, so everyone who graduated had to go through its prank. Happy ending – they showed up the next day and kidnapped him so the school wouldn`t have to pay for it. – Heather F. By the end of his senior year, however, things get a little more relaxed. Everyone is ready for summer and seniors have a „seniorite“. They are about to leave school forever, which means they are no longer afraid of the consequences. 28. „We replaced the default background set for all computers in the school with a meme of a man dressed in a sombrero and poncho with the words `Señor Prank.`“ — Hound`s Ark 12.

We set up grills, brought snacks and drinks, someone even brought a ping-pong table and we played beer pong (with soda). One of my favorite memories that day was when 2 of the kids, who were particularly known for partying a lot, took the president and the dean of students to the pong. „- ANuclearNarwhal Several older pranks involved animals. and number them incorrectly! Some older pranks are quite tame and it`s more about fun than anything else. Other. Well, others are more dramatic. But whether they`re big or small, the goal is to have fun and celebrate a milestone in your life. After all, you will never be a high school student again! Yes, it is the director`s desk and furniture.

on the football field. Are you anticipating senior prank season with fear? Or do you agree with tradition as long as it`s a bit fun and harmless? We asked in our Facebook group about the best and worst pranks senior teachers have experienced. The best answer was definitely that the seniors hired a mariachi group to follow the director all day! But some of the other answers might surprise you. One of our favorite pranks for seniors, recorded on video! In most cases, the self-adhesive stuffing is a great idea. All it takes is plenty of post-it notes placed throughout the school and on the floor. However, Frisco Memorial High School`s supervised Post-it pranks have spiraled out of control. They even had to call the Frisco police to deal with the damage and vandalism. Texas High School went on summer vacation two days earlier because of the senior`s prank.

High school is not everyone`s favorite time in their lives. Despite what TV shows tell you, it`s pretty boring four years of tormenting yourself in class and dealing with drama. On the other hand, graduation means growing up and going out into the world for new experiences and adventures.