Brooke graduated with distinction in Paralegal Studies and is a Chartered Paralegal with a reputation with the Law Society of Ontario and is passionate about advocacy and justice in all situations. Brooke is dedicated to serving her clients with integrity and believes that legal representation should be accessible to all, not financially intimidating. With her strong legal knowledge, creative approach to negotiation and determination, Brooke exploits every opportunity for the best settlements for her clients. With her passion for justice and collaboration, Brooke brings a unique approach to mediation and supports a non-adversarial approach to conflict. Previously, Brooke campaigned for women`s rights in childbirth and supported marginalized women during pregnancy and childbirth. Brooke provides the utmost compassionate care and support in delicate and difficult situations, putting her clients` needs first, resulting in exceptional customer service and 100% customer satisfaction. Whether you need a defense, claim, independent legal advice, or mediation, Brooke personally understands the urgency of resolving issues as quickly as possible and works hard to resolve issues effectively with the best results. Brooke, who partners with a criminal defence lawyer and family lawyers in Barrie to provide years of expertise, is also dedicated to professional development and is committed to being a student for life, believing in the changing world, staying current and trained in current and new practices, which gives it a competitive advantage. This website is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered as legal advice. Laws change and differ from state to state. The applicability of the legal principles discussed may vary considerably from case to case. Divorce mediation provides a safe, impartial and respectful forum for both of you to openly discuss your unique situation, needs and concerns.

ask questions; consider creative options; And developing a settlement agreement that you both agree to is fair and reasonable. It is they – not lawyers, court staff or judges – who control the process. We know that lawsuits and separation can be overwhelming. We strive to provide you with help in a language you can understand. If you feel you don`t understand your options, just ask, and we`ll work to find an explanation that works for you. As a lawyer, accountant, and marriage and family therapist with years of experience, I can help you address the three dimensions of divorce: legal, financial, and emotional. My practice is dedicated exclusively to divorce and post-divorce mediation, so I have the experience and professional guidance to help you complete the divorce process. In addition, I have divorced twice and experienced the challenges of the divorce process as well as the challenges of co-parenting and in-laws. Don`t wait! Contact us for a free consultation. Let us help you find your best next steps.

The sooner you have an action plan, the better your chances of taking the right steps to achieve the desired results. Legal representation and mediation with compassion, integrity and trust is #1 The first step is for us to work with you and develop a plan to achieve the results you need. Through our understanding of the law and your understanding of the circumstances, we will find a path to success. She also created a parent support group called The Children Of God for parents who have lost children in heaven. It is online at, Barnes and Noble and She has also published a more recent book called Wounded Healers. Creative negotiations that lead to settlements that give clients the justice they deserve while avoiding lengthy litigation. Specialized in introducing the law in your corner. Commitment to understand the results you want and help you understand what actions can be taken on your behalf to maximize your position. Work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand the decisions you`re making and feel empowered to make them. Lawyer for Steamboat Springs. Lawyer for Steamboat Springs.

The mediator remains strictly impartial, giving preference to either party and at the same time ensuring that both parties are treated fairly. For added assurance, we recommend that you have your final settlement agreement reviewed by a lawyer before signing it. Robert T. Stewart, JD, MS, MA-MFT Canal House–128 Garden Street, Farmington, CT 06032 (860) Tammy Stewart veröffentlichte 2013 ihr erstes Buch mit dem Titel The darkest journey, finding God`s light during the first year of your child`s death. FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION DAILY, EVENING AND WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS POSSIBLE.