Owen Motor Sports is your KTM dealer for the State of Illinois. At our two dealerships in Effingham and Charleston, we have a full stock of KTM motorcycles for sale. Read on for some general information about this European motorcycle guide. The all-new 250cc 4 Stroke Street Legal Dirt Bike rides like a $10,000 motorcycle! But it`s extremely affordable and built to last. Great for fun in the driveway and backyard, ride on bumps and run easily on dirt roads. With a manual kick and an electric starter and disc brakes, this bike is very nice for the price. Specifications: Engine type: 4-stroke, single cylinder Displacement: 250cc Cooling: Air cooling Max HP: 10.6Kw / 8000r / min Maximum torque: 13.4Kw / 6500r / min Bore * Stroke: 63.5mm * 62.5mm Maximum speed: 95km/h Elevation difference: 12¿ Ignition: CDI Starting system: Kick / electric Battery: 12V7Ah Engine oil: SAE 10W-30/15W-40 Brakes, front/rear: disc/disc: Tire: front 90/90-19 rear 110/90-17 Capacity / tank type: 8L Weight, G.W. / N.W.: 125KG Maximum load: 150KGSDimensions: Wheelbase: 152″ OA L * W * H: 83″ ¿31″¿¿45″ Seat height: 28″ 10″ Carton size: 72″x18″ 33″ This motorcycle is an electric motorcycle that the United States Special Forces use. Very powerful and has better acceleration than gasoline bikes! And yet practically silent! You can drive at night without waking someone who doesn`t even know you`ve been there! This bike is better for racing than gasoline as it is able to quickly restore speed after jumps on landing and in tight corners as it accelerates. The frame is also made of airplane aluminum to make the bike lightweight. This bike has never participated in a race before! The bike is used, but it is in very good condition. I bought this bike last summer and it was brand new when I bought it! But I`ve since quit my job and I want to start my own business, so I need money now to survive, otherwise I`d like to be able to keep it.

His way of having fun. The bike needs a new „contactor“ at some point. Link at is the protector you need it`s only $80. The bike works fine without the new switch, but you may need to let the bike sit for a few minutes before you start riding and riding, as the switch needs to increase its power. The screen has a scratch or crack, I don`t really know how it got there. However, it doesn`t really affect anything. Comes with the charger/book and a $100 speed and power headset if desired. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I don`t know how to check the mileage of this bike, but when I bought it, it was brand new and I just went back and forth to work, most of the time it`s not even a mile from home.

(Walk through the forest) Links to specifications. www.motorcycle.com/specs/zero/on-off-road/2011/mx/street.html www.dirtrider.com/features/141_1108_2011_zero_mx_first_ride/ www.evdrives.com/product_p/sol-mzj400.htm 2006 Honda CRF 450x converted to road homologated motorcycle Updated to model year 2012 This bike is very well behaved, quiet, no popping, looks like a new double sport factory. Compare: drz400. 32 ch. 319 lb. $4200 WR250R. 26 hp. 296 lbs.

$4500 CRF450X. 49 hp. 269 lbs. $ 5500 The crf450x blows other road bikes out of the water. That`s why this bike is worth it, and that`s why so many people try to get through dmv. I doubt you`ll find a cleaner conversion than this bike. All terminals are Japanese ball connectors, all soldered to wires. All the right parts were used. This is a professional setup. Long-term reliability. Very few hours I had the original front tyre when I put on the double sport tyres this week. Legal conversion 100% D.O.T.

that follows the regulations of cogeneration to the vehicle code. Properly passed by California DMV with spot inspection. Lights, brakes, switch tires, mirrors, speedometers, emissions, all according to specifications. Pink briefs clean title California MOTORCYCLE in my name, by hand. It is really a must to enjoy cycling. Some of the details are: -Super clean LED street lighting kit -Trailtech digital speedometer mounted in handlebar cushion -Ignition key set up, the spark disables and opens the starting circuit so that the bike cannot be started without the key, comes with 2 keys -Tokyo Mods carburetor upgrade $300 -Powerflow input and air filter -Renthal grease bars -X ring gold chain and new sprocket -Legal Point Bridgestone Trailwing Dual Sport Tire NEW -Wired with Battery Tender Quick Connect – Fully updated for model year 2012! -Comes with additional Renthal bars, air filter and standard air intake, motocross or desert tire set and tender battery. Cash in hand and M1 license, if you want, we can make a nice long road and gravel drive before loading it. No secrets or surprises with this bike. I have 2 more that I keep. The cross-country and motocross families are the driving forces behind many of KTM`s racing victories. Enduro motocross bikes are homologated for the road and offer maximum performance with their four-stroke engines.

After all, the freeride family combines aspects of all of these aspects to create the perfect mountain bike. Trunkenpolz and Kronreif died in the early 1960s, making Erich Trunkenpolz, Hans` son, the leader. Erich decided to expand the company considerably over the next few years and finally entered the US market in 1978. After Erich`s death in 1989, the company split into four units, three of which were grouped under the name KTM Group until 2015. However, this has never stopped them from producing high quality motorcycles for the European and American markets. Maybe you need more reasons, as much as the freshness factor can be convincing. You`ll also enjoy surprising health benefits. Of course, fresh air and vitamin D don`t hurt anyone, but motorcycling is also a full-body workout. It takes a lot of nuclear power to control a bike, and in the end, you`ll probably feel like you`ve done all your exercises for the day. In a way, you did. Plus, motorbiking is more exciting and fun than going to the gym.

2012 Zero Motorcycles X Dirt, The secret off-road motorcycle you can ride on the road. – Where would you go with an exceptionally lightweight, highly maneuverable and powerful off-road motorcycle? The one who can also drive legally on the road? Right now? What if it didn`t make noise and cost only a few cents? The all-new Zero X now has the same championship drive as the Zero MX and, combined with its ability to ride on the road, opens up possibilities previously unthinkable for trail driving. With instant torque at a standstill, no gear changes, low seat height and very light weight, the Zero X is a high-performance electric motorcycle that takes technical trail driving to an ambitious new level. Direct drive gearboxes and weight-optimized components combine to form a stealth machine that aggressively climbs hills, flies over jumps and cuts through streams. A revolutionary Z-Force lifetime lithium-ion plant and highly efficient motor are optimized to create instant acceleration when your wrist is spinning. To extend travel times, the aircraft-grade aluminum Zero X frame is designed to allow for quick power replacement.