At 15, yes, it`s rape when you`re with a 21-year-old. How wow. And no, you can`t leave your house until you`re 18. If you try, your parents can put you on pins and you won`t be able to walk until you`re 21. So keep pushing them. Trust me. I`m 17 and I`d like to move in with my 18-year-old boyfriend, but I can`t for another year. But at such a young age, you shouldn`t worry about living with your boyfriend. Just finish school, and if you`re still together in three years, when you graduate and he`s waiting for you, then you know he loves you, so move in with him.

I am 17 years old and I have worked two jobs to pay my bills. I still live with my family. Here they have no confidence in me lately. They think I`m lying all the time. They follow me to school and work because of the lack of confidence. I tried to persuade my parents to let me live with him and his family. But they just don`t want to. Is there a way out legally? Have a discussion – when did legal status as an „adult“ in the U.S.

drop from 21 to 18? You are not a bad mother if you tell her that there are certain rules he must follow to live with you. This is your home. They have been making the payments for this all these years and determining how people behave in it. I`m 17 and I got married when I was 16. My husband has left me and I live with the people who took care of him for four years, my mother wants me to move, but I don`t want to. Am I not an adult because I was married? Please tell me. I live in Alabama. I am 17 years old.

I will be 18 in 3 months. Can I legally leave my parents` house now? My sister and her mother say I can live with them. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I`m 17 and my boyfriend is 20, is it illegal? We don`t have sex, and we won`t until I`m 18, but is it still considered legal rape if we do other things? I have a quick question. I am 20 years old and I have three little brothers. My parents recently separated. How old do I have to be to be legally responsible? If you are adopted in the state of Missouri, you are apparently never entitled to all the rights of adults. I was adopted in 1970, I am now 40 years old and I am looking for my biological parents. Missouri told me that my adoptive parents must sign their consent for information to be provided to me! Real? I`m 40 years old! Just to say.

All of you who think that undressing will solve your problems are terribly wrong. I recently turned 18, and oh my God, would I like to be a miner again or live with my parents? It`s a hard life alone. Bills are not fun. You don`t have time to have fun anymore. So all the minors who ask if it is legal to move, just tap and enjoy the time you have as a minor while you can. You won`t always have parents to take care of you, because when you`re eighteen, it`s your job to do it yourself. Remember that being an adult is not fun. I have a grandson in Kansas who was born here in Texas, where we live. He wants to leave his home in Kansas to return to Texas and turns 17 in August 2011. Is it considered an adult or is it marked as an outlier? He no longer wants to stay with his mother and stepfather. In this sense, in most jurisdictions, when two people are legally married, age of consent laws generally do not apply at all.

It should be 18-20 because 18 is the age at which you reach adulthood. I am 12 years old and I do research for civics. I am 19 years old. My mom says I can`t move until I`m 21. It`s true? Wow, it seems like a lot of people have a hard time checking your state`s laws. If you`re 18 and living in the United States, no matter what, you can legally leave your parents` house. The only state, unless emancipated, where you can move at 17 is Texas. Surprisingly, the lowest average age of first marriage since the early 1700s was reached by the baby boom generation, where the age fell to 20.5. It may not be a coincidence that divorce rates in the United States peaked in the 1970s and early 1980s and have since declined sharply almost at the same time, with the increase in the average age of first marriage – the more mature you are, the more you know yourself and where you are going in life. The more likely you are to make a decision when choosing a life partner. I, for one, don`t think that`s true because I`m a legal adult.

They no longer have to accommodate and take care of me. I think I`m very mature for my age. I know that moving won`t be easy and it won`t be everything I dream of. I always want to be able to have the freedom to do what I want and need. No, I don`t mean celebrating and spending time with friends. I want the freedom to go to the library and pick up school supplies when I need them. Why is an arbitrary number like 18 or 21 considered a threshold when society says everyone should legally work equally? On the other hand, in the 1970s, several states raised their legal drinking age to 18. This resulted in the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (1984), which punished states for allowing people under 21 to buy alcohol and drink in public. Apparently old enough to kill for his country, but not old enough to drink.

He has been with McDonald`s for two years. Why am I still paying family allowances? I`m 17 and I`ll be 18 in about 7-8 months and my mom tells me that even though I`m 18, I won`t be able to move on my own until I`m 21. I wanted to know if she could do it and, if not, what I should do. The legal age at which I live is 21 for most things. You can`t get married, enter into legal contracts, or vote until you`re 21. A minor is a person under the age of 21 and their parents must give parental consent so that they can do things legally. I`m 18 and my mother won`t let me leave the house. She says the new Colorado state law says I can`t legally leave the house until I`m 19. It`s true? OK, I`m 17 and I`ll be 18 in 11 months.

I live with my father and mother-in-law and we fight constantly, I want to move. My mother said I had to live with him or my father until I was 18. I have friends whose family has offered to rent them a house. Is it legal? Can I leave the house without taking legal action? Is there a way for her or me to get into trouble? My girlfriend and I have been together for two years and her parents absolutely hate me. My question is about a legal adult in Texas who can make their own decisions about their life at the age of 17? I am a 37-year-old Filipino with two children. I have a 21-year-old American boyfriend. Sometimes I don`t know how to deal with him. And I don`t know if I`m doing the right thing. I don`t know if our relationship will work or not.

The age of majority is the threshold for adulthood in the law. This is the chronological moment when a child is no longer legally considered a minor. When a person reaches the age of majority, he takes control of his people, his actions and his decisions. It puts an end to the statutory control and legal liability of the parents or guardian. When someone is old enough to go to sea or into a combat zone and have their head shot by enemy snipers or step on a landmine at 18 or even 17? Who gives someone the right to say, I`m sorry, buddy, but you`re underage (bars, casinos, adult movie rentals, car rentals, and the list goes on and on)! But thank you for defending the country and not blowing your ass up! I say, if you have the attitude to take such steps in life, then to me you are definitely an adult.